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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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bank of america was in the headlines after it announced lit start charging customers who use a debit card. fees and perks, banks offer. red skins take on one to have worst teams in the nfl the rams and almost have a late game collapse. dave ross will join us, monday morning quarterback. fox 5 morning news continues now. all right washington monument right now, sharing the spotlight once again here is a live look at the top, weather permitting, engineers will be back out continuing to check for damage. glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. it is funny how kingly we
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forget cold weather. what we can expect the rest of the day. >> it will be a cool day. cool temperatures again today and some rain showers out there. look at hd radar. you can see rain off to our west and rainfall east near annapolis and savena park. here is a look at big picture satellite radar shows you we have plenty of cloud cover mostly cloudy skies again today an area of low pressure off to the nothing further and that is helping the north and that is helping keep the moisture in towards us. -- north and the helping to keep the moisture in towards us. showers here and there throughout the course of the
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day highs 50s. a little warmer than yesterday, but still 50s look for a high of 55 degrees arlington, 56 chantilly, 56 buoy, that is a look at what is happening with weather now more on the traffic with julie wright. >> all right tony back to work on monday morning. accident activity to report the crew in sky fox checking out that drive, eastbound 66 past 234 manassas. it has been cleared over to the shoulder our lanes are open definitely slow going, gainsville trying to get past 234 expect more slow driving through centerville and leaving fair oaks on and off the belt way. we will take it back inside travelling into southeast washington t accident activity occurred around 225 here, that is where you will find the center to have roadway, big delays from malcolm x avenue. georgia avenue, a 25 minute trip here all lanes are open
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checking for a vehicle fire on 29. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a verdict in the amanda knox murder appeals case is expected later today. the jury is currently deliberating the fate of the american exchange student. maureen is back in studio. knox and her boyfriend were accused of killing her roommate in 2007 after a drug fueled evening. she gave one last emotional address to the court before the 8 member jury began deliberating she fought back tears and said quote, i am paying with my life for things i didn't do she wants to go home and back to my life she would have been killed too had she been there the night her roommate was murdered back in 2007. >> i was really scared because
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someone i used to share my life with, who was my roommate, in a room that is mine she was killed in our house. and if i had been there that night i would have been killed as well. knox is sentenced to 26 years in prison the appeals jury has several options during deliberations they can acquit both defendants and set them free, up hold the conviction and confirm the sentence, increase it or reduce it they can decide to split the fate of knox and her comate as well. >> she and her former boyfriend were convicted in 2009, a third person appealed his case and had his sentence reduced from 30 to 16 years in prison. new this morning now, the number of homicides in dc on
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pace to be the lowest in decades as of friday 81 people have been killed in the city, this time last year 96. in all 132 people were killed in dc in 2010 to put that in perspective let's go back to 1993 when there were 454 homicides in the district. police credit the drop on better community relationships actives and improved -- actives and improved technology. stacy cohen live outside the supreme court. >> reporter: good morning they have agreed to take on 49 appeals cases there could be dozens more added but there is one case they have not yet agreed to consider drawing quite a bit of attention here in washington. supreme court justice including john roberts took part in the
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traditional red mass sunday. it is a tradition for judicial leaders to pray for wisdom this year they will need it one big issue they have not agreed to pick up is the new health care reform law. >> state challenging the law law. >> reporter: it is a good bet the justices are under pressure and will want to give clarity to the legal battle. >> >> i think the likelihood of supreme court review decreased and all these factors together make it a pretty difficult invitation. >> reporter: the court agreed to hear arguments about whether or not police can track suspects with gps devices without getting a warrant and also immigration is on the table one big issue, whether or not illegal immigrants who were brought here as children through no decision of their own should be deported when
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detained by law enforcement. >> elena kagan and thomas have recaused themselves from health care reform debate citing personal conflict. reporting live stacy cohen back to you. all right thank you. anti wall street protests, continue in new york city's financial district. several hundred of these occupy wall street demonstrators have been there several weeks they are protesting the concentration of wealth in this nation. 700 protestors were arrested, blocking a lane of the brooklyn bridge. geralda riviera spoke to them. >> do you think something can come of this? >> something has come of this we have been here two weeks, a lot of people are not leaving. we have to go to work a couple
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days, before we come back but corralling us on the brooklyn bridge and jailing us is not going to happen >> they eat donated fo their laptops running with a portable generator and have a makeshift hospital they are growing in numbers, getting more organized and showing no signs of quitting. republican presidential candidate, herman cane criticizing rick perry saying he should have removed a racially charged name from a rock, perry's father painted over the rock over the 1980s. cane continues to surge ahead. mary ann afterrerty has that story. >> i was in iowa and got to talk to people at the
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republican edge they realize like her main cane. our fundraising has picked up substantially as a result of what happened in florida because i think it sent a message that i am a viable candidate. >> most recently he won a straw poll in kansas city missouri along with topping a tea party straw poll in suburban chicago. >> the thing that resonated most was my 99 plan it is simple to under -- 999 plan it is simple to understand and fair. to say the 999 plan doesn't fully work out or won't produce enough revenue it is a bold, big reform agenda that addresses the problem we face. >> cane suggesting why he is better than some other contenders. >> i respect governor christy
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he has distinguished himself he is not afraid to tell it like it is like me but he would be another person in the contest. >> on rick san tore rum. >> i like rick but his personality is one that looks and appears to be more prep than say my personality much more relaxed. another debate in new hampshire. in new york, fox news. three scientists who have done ground breaking research on immune system are sharing this year's nobel prize for medicine it was awarded to an american, a french scientist and canadian born ralph simon their research opened up new avenues for prevention, entreatment of infection and inflammation. president and first lady hit the town to celebrate their wedding anniversary. got an early start where they went when we come back.
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hail to the red skins, burgundy and gold are 3 and 1 this season, dave ross joins us monday morning quarterback. nasty details when we come back but right now we won. we will be right back, 10 minutes after 7 state farm. this is jessica.
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19 years ago today the president and first lady said i do and i do. they celebrated their wedding anniversary saturday night with dinner at restaurant eve in alexandria. washingtonian magazine named it 12th in its very best restaurants guide. >> happy anniversary. >> i mean, where is the time going first of all and how young we look if we looked at our pictures 20 years ago.
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>> i know. >> really funny. >> oh, boy. time flies, and it flew -- well, i was going to say it flew this weekend some of you may disagree with the weather, raining, cold, damp, and we've got more of the same today except that it won't be as damp, or as cool. >> that's good. >> still in the 50s. >> take a look our high temperatures yesterday alison we set some new records yesterday. all right. >> regan national we tied the record, 52 degrees, a record low high for the day, ties the old record, 52 in 1939, dulles we reached only 50 degrees the lowst high we have had for october 2nd, at dulles airport, beating the old record of 54 degrees in 1974. we are in the 40s. 49 degrees now here in washington also 49 at quantico, baltimore, 44 degrees, dulles
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airport 45 and annapolis 48 degrees a look at satellite radar will show you plenty of clouds this morning, areas of precipitation this is the way it will be. some areas of rain will develop on and off through the course of the day your forecast today and next 5 days, high today still in the 50s. 57 degrees, some periods of rain here and there tomorrow a few clouds, 56 and wednesday sunny and 72, thursday sunny and 70. friday mostly sunny, 69 degrees for your highs improving conditions as the week progresses. >> i say that i went to see the lion king with the girls in 3d saturday night it is so good. i am just telling you our baby hasn't seen it so we are just sitting there i am like it is ridiculous. afterwards everybody clapped that is when you know a movie
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is good. then reloose might not be so limited if it keeps taking off. >> >> i spent the weekend wishing it away. >> oh. >> all right guys, we have a lot going on in southeast washington for those travelling northbound, 295, the accident activity, near the parkway tied up a center of the roadway big delays, malcolm x once you commit to the inbound 11th street bridge, stalled car tieing up the far left lane outer loop of the belt way, no change. southbound 95 expect delays to the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you very much. 7:17 a.m. we want to talk about the red skins after that we welcome dave ross to talk football good to see you. first question did you shave today >> did not. are you going with a playoff beard? i didn't watch lion king i
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watched the lions and cowboys yesterday. >> they were the king of that battle. >> yes, they were and watched red skinrams. yeah they won the game there is a lot of things the coaches can use as fodder for the week they have a buy week they can say look we won, they are 3 and 1 really good news there were good signs, ryan came up out of nowhere hasn't seen him all year his first carry of the season. watching over his shoulder. bam take on the safety there. >> that will get you fired up. very next play almost an identical play some of those safeties, will take different angles. >> i might not want to do that. i will try. >> 20-yards to the house and things look great. 135-yards you and i talked about it early this morning it is good to have guys like you know high tower and now terrain adds to the mix we didn't know -- he was injured remember he got hurt in camp, hurt his hand, had some metal rods put
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in his hand i asked him three weeks ago he said i am fine i am fine really camp was a lost camp for him, and then high tower coming over now he is getting his sea legs back his hand is good no fumbling. let me ask you this, we talked about the fact that these have not necessarily been pretty victories but they are victories, 3 and 1 tied 1st place do they just look at this and see it as victories or look at it like we need to improve. >> they do i think they take the victory and run especially winning on the road in the nfl it is hard to do any way think were up 17-0. we know the rams are not that good right they were kind of laying the runner to them early, rex came out and looked great this is as good a throw as you can make moss for the score of the day and then again he had pressure on his face and those are tough things
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to do. you see three rams here comes the third one in there. we showed the last hour where he had plenty of time to make plenty of decision. it is educational when you win and when yow los it is gut wrenching. now you have a week off to go to that drawing board what will you look at it. >> with philadelphia coming in, defense play as well as it did. 7 sack, and michael vick, vick had over 400-yards of passing. >> and he ran pretty well. >> the guy can do it all he gets two weeks to prepare. so you are hoping as a red skins fan, you go up there and beat yourself up and come down here to fedex. at 3 and 1 if you and i said before the game i can't wait to hear tony perkins, red skins will be 3 and 1 going to buy week. you don't ask questions and say yes and run to buy week they
7:21 am
got to be pleased where they stand. they hammered them in week one. >> let's take it and run with it. i am just teasing it looks good. >> mom doesn't like it when i don't shave sorry. >> she will probably get the final word. >> my vote in i like it too. >> thank you. 49 degrees on this monday morning coming up next a sad story, with an important message what one grieving pet owner wants you to know about the wild mushrooms growing all over the place. >> live with a preview, fiesta italiana. we will be right back  look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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a pilot survived a plane crash in chesapeake bay sunday managing to swim to safety but his mother was killed in the crash. searchers were called to smith island. the pilot reported trouble and
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disappeared from the radar 8:00 p.m. last night he turned up on smith island but said his elderly mother died in the water. this morning crews are searching for her body. passengers on two flights that landed in boston suffered injuries from severe turbulence yesterday, seven people were injured on a jet blue flight from puerto rico most injuries were neck and back pain one person suffered severe burns from coffee the other flight was lufthansa aircraft from charlotte to germany that had to land in boston because 11 people were hurt. it is not just humans at risk for wild mushroom poisoning, a 7 month old puppy died two weeks ago after eating wild mushrooms in her german town backyard. they have identified several species it is sprouting up in the wake of heavy rains. >> unless you are a specialist
7:26 am
in mushrooms, it is very very difficult to separate the poisonous ones from the ones that are safe to eat i would say if you see your dog eat a mushroom of any kind outside, to bring them in and seek veterinary care immediately. >> cats are also at risk but tend to be more about what they eat. wild mushrooms can be deadly for people four people were treated last month after eating poisonous mushrooms in their backyard. if you are just waking up please stay tuned we will look at today's top stories. >> then last week bank of america in the headlines after it announced it was going to start charging customers who use a debit card a closer look at feesome perks some banks will offer. that is coming up 7:27 a.m. drinkin'? u i'm drinkin' dunkin'.
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i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. mm! good! pick some up where you buy groceries. hey, did you ever think about getting curtains? america runs on dunkin'. the biggest iced coffee i can get. iced coffee helps me keep up. i love iced coffee. drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin'... iced coffee. i run on dunkin' iced coffee. america runs on dunkin' coffee. supreme court back if session for what could be a landmark term hanging in the balance the president's health care plan. the court will have to decide if the federal government has authority to force all americans to purchase health insurance. 26 states argue the congress and the president went too far. >> amanda knox said she is
7:30 am
paying with her life for things she didn't do. the former american exchange student addressed an italian appeals court hoping it will toss out her murder conviction. knox from seattle washington and her former boyfriend have been serving life in prison for killing her roommate. a 2-year-old thrown from a walk way at tyson's corner last year, they rested the case last week they maintain the grandmother, killed her granddaughter, to get back at her son-in-law. anniversary in so called trial of the century. >> 16 years since oj simpson was acquitted of murdering his former wife and friend, he was found liable in a civil case the former football star serving up to 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. let's check in with tony, short term forecast not pretty we have to wait it out.
7:31 am
>> absolutely right there will be gradual improvement here across the region. today another cool day and more rain showers moving through the area. let's start with hd radar, some rainfall here and there, primarily, let's lookout to the west, near park royal. shower activity, remaining constant through the course of the morning light showers out to the western portions of the region and also some light showers off to the east around saverna park and annapolis. rainfall going across the chesapeake bay that is about it more showers pop up here and there during the course of the day. let's look at the current temperatures, well, i just went past that. let me let you know it is 49 degrees in washington and temperatures for the most part are in the 40s across the region. now, tropical tracker, this is
7:32 am
tropical storm ophelia we have been talking about her last several days moving across portions of newfoundland, maximum sustained winds, 70 miles per hour, moving north and east, 43 miles an hour it is racing and we expect it to continue its trek across the northern atlantic and head towards portions of europe over the next several days, keep an eye on it posing no threat to the united states. >> forecast for washington lots of clouds around here, another cool day periods of rain off and on, high, 57 degrees, then for tonight, we will see overcast skies, chilly conditions some showers possible, 47 degrees for your overnight low, 5 day forecast, improving conditions more sunshine, 66 degrees, it will be breezy tomorrow as well. 66 for your high that is not bad wednesday warmer, 72, sunshine, sunshine on thursday, 70 and on friday, we will add a
7:33 am
few clouds mostly sunny skies, high, 69 degrees. now more on this mornings rush hour traffic from julie wright. marcus is hitting me up on twitter and he wants me to ask you to if we are -- if we are going to see sunny and 85 any more this year >> that is a good question. i think it is unlikely. >> marcus is online now buying tickets to miami >> i call the window seat. northbound, 295, 11th street bridge the stalled car is in place tieing up the left lane the accident we talked about earlier has cleared all lanes are open. southbound 270, tough go for you guys travelling in from urbana. out towards montrose road, 45 minute commute all your lanes are open. out to the roads, 395 traffic, across the inbound 14th street
7:34 am
bridge no accidents, just volume delays, gw parkway, south on the belt way, potomac crossing, new york avenue, north castle street no problems to report headed out towards the 3rd street tunnel. long gone are the days when you got a free toaster or blanket for opening a new checking account now bank customers are increasingly finding they are paying to use their own money. if you shop carefully there are perks to be found at local banks still. joining us to talk about why there are all sorts of new fees cropping up and what you can do about it, jone with kiplingers, personal finance. people around the water cooler are talking about this one you will have to pay a fee to use your debit at local banks.
7:35 am
>> that is true. as of saturday, retailers, merchants that you shop at, are only having to pay half as much to the banks every time you swipe your debit card banks will lose a lot of money around $6 billion. >> that is what the prediction is. so they are looking for ways to make up this lost revenue,. >> some banks it is maybe $5 a month you might thing i can deal with that inconvenience if you look at it in the big picture you are really paying to use your own money how can we get around this. >> well, first of all, this applies to people who use their debit cards for purchases, if all you use your debit card for is take money out of the atm it will not effect you more and more people are using debit cards it is more popular than credit cards so obviously, one thing you can do is decide that you are going to use cash, or old fashioned things, checks or go back to credit cards. but if you don't want to do
7:36 am
that, then you may have to switch banks,. >> is there a down side jone so if i use one of these banks, bank of america i go to wherever and use my credit option is there a down side to that for me as opposed to using debit. >> well, the main difference obviously is if you use your credit card you have to pay it off each month or accrue interest in general when you use a debit card it is coming out of your checking account unless you over draw your checking account it doesn't or didn't cost you anything. now with the bank issued, with that debit card i can use the credit option is that going to be a better bet? >> no. >> that is fine. >> no, you will still pay the fee. >> okay. >> as soon as you swipe that debit card, to pay for something or if you use it for an automatic debit, if you have your health club membership deducted automatically from your account, that will trigger the fee. >> okay. >> so i can't get around it by
7:37 am
yes, this is a debit option on my bank issued card i am still going to get the fee. that is great to know. >> what -- we said there are still some perks out there or ways to get around it with your banks how do we make the best of our bank our big bank if we don't want to change. >> well, if you want to stay with the bank where you already have your account obviously you are going to have to change your banking habits. you just won't be able to use that debit card except to get cash. >> okay. >> we are showing some free services here, one of them bank of america, avoid monthly fees banking online those are some ways to use it to your benefit. >> sure bank of america, started a new e checking account and that does have perks and won't -- well, it won't trigger at least a monthly fee i am not sure bank of america hasn't announced exactly how they are going to implement their new monthly debit card fee i don't know if
7:38 am
that each checking account will have a $5 fee but there are banks that don't. >> want viewers to know we are showing really great perks or things you can get out of your bank these days listed by bank go to for all that information because i want to also ask you about credit unions, a lot of people are talking maybe this is the way to go. benefits to using a credit union versus a bank. >> in general, credit union fees are lower if they pay interest the interest is a little higher and if you are going to them to get a mortgage or loan usually rates are a little bit better. >> okay if we want to stick with the bank, what are the best ones still in our area? >> well, you don't have to stick you know in our area, that is one thing there are national banks usaa has very good checking account and only have to deposit $25 has no fees
7:39 am
it will reimburse atm fees any where in the country and schwab the brokerage has a checking account you can open with any amount if you are a fidelity customer you can have a checking account there all reimburse your atm fees. >> it just seems like a pain to switch we are so connected to our banks with the internet option what is the headline should you switch if you don't want the get these fees or stay and try no navigate around it. >> well, it really depends whether you use our debit card all the time if you are the kind of person who wants to make sure you don't have any interest charges on your credit card account, and you use that debit card all the time you have to weigh, is $60 a month worth the convenience. >> okay. >> that is hard questions and convenience is the big word. >> of course and the one benefit of all of these big
7:40 am
banks if you use a branch if you want to be able to walk into that branch, you will find it very conveniently located. >> joan goldwasser last month she wrote about this, steve over to you. thanks 20 minutes on this monday morning before 8:00 a.m. a new list out of this country's manliest cities find out where we rank when we come back. also some of the other stories making headlines including the closing of a capitol hill landmark. coming up
7:41 am
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>> as we check stories making headlines, up on capitol hill the historic hawk and dove bar closes its doors. after being in business more than four decades, a rival bar owner took over the lease it has been a main stay for politicians, writers, celebrities and home to green bay packer fans for the last ten years. >> yesterday was business as usual at mlk junior library, it
7:44 am
was set to lose sunday hours because of budget issues but the library saw a last minute reprieve when the city found extra funding, mayor vince grey and other officials welcomed a long line of library lovers yesterday morning >> tiger woods may be one of the most recognizable golfers in the world but he is not considered to be one of the best 50 players in the world. according to the world golf ranks, schneider won 14 major championships past two years, several injuries and we know about his personal problems, now he is not playing so well.l they say manliest we say most manly cities. >> unfortunately dc doesn't fair very well. the nation's capitol comes in at number 42 out of 50. down 33 spots from last year. the country's manliest city, nashville tennessee, the poll gives points for things like number of pro sports teams,
7:45 am
popularity of power tools, monster truck rallies, takes away points for high minivan sales,. >> average. >> tony and subscription rates to beauty magazines. it was commissioned by combo's brand of snacks and the researcher behind the best places to live ranking. >> we lost points for having too many coffee shops and things like that boutique places. >> so the city itself has to be manly. kind of a masculine -- >> we are not talking about the men but the city. they took sports teams into account and how popular that is also. >> i guess it was -- a place like l.a. ranked poorly as well. >> second to last. >> entertainment industry not so manly when it comes to these combos,. combos are good though.
7:46 am
combos. >> i think they actually -- >> some of them are manly. >> they account for how much junk food people are eating. all right let's look at what is going on with weather conditions across the region i think we are manly we can tough out the weather no matter what it is. look what we've had blizzards. >> we've complained every step of the way. >> thank you tony. tucker and tony team up with this we don't complain. >> 45 dulles, 45 bwi marshall take a look at satellite radar a few rain showers out there who is complaining out to the west we see rain, in portionings of west virginia, western portions of virginia itself and rain showers in maryland off to our east and out towards chesapeake bay. lots of clouds around mostly cloudy skies today. forecast then, for today and tonight, low pressure dominates weather once again
7:47 am
that will gradually push out we will see improving conditions tomorrow especially for the middle of the week today another cool one highs today 50s overnight lows 40s and periods of rain during the course of the day today and tonight. there you go the latest on the weather more in a little bit. >> thank you. manly man you are. >> thank you very much. no more complaining from tony. hi jewels. >> i can complain about it. >> you can say whatever you like. >> hey, guys on the roads, we got our hands full, new crash to resport on the east side of town outer loop, northbound, 495, accident reported here 450, that is tieing up the left side of the highway, keep your eyes peeled for that travelling inbound, 66 slow going out of manassas. slow going eastbound towards the belt way. that is a check of fox 5 on time traffic. time to say good morning to
7:48 am
our facebook fan of the day, he is a huge fan of the burgundy and gold and says hail to the red skins if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook and post a comment under al's logo. >> fan of the day and celebrating a win. 7:48 a.m. it is not too early to start looking forward to next weekend >> i start that on saturday evening, holly has an event that will be fun and tasty. that's right i just live weekend to weekend that is all that matters, right this whole workweek stuff is filler. but listen if you are making your plans already for next sunday, then, you need to be in an italian frame of mind am i confusing you by talking you just keep tossing i trust you will not hit me. we are live at casa italiana.
7:49 am
they are gearing up for fiesta italiana. >> there you go you girls are in the zone now  hey!
7:50 am
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♪ pillsbury grands! biscuits ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪ ♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. celebrating italian american culture downtown dc this sunday. >> holly morris is in northwest to learn more about the 13th annual italian street festival sounds like a great time good morning. >> it is a great time the first lesson is that it is festa italiana. not fiesta, it is going on the 13th year and it is a wonderful street party. karen is here to tell us all about it this morning. good morning [ in italian ]
7:53 am
>> her other fun lesson put avalon everything. >> well, we are celebrating our 13th year in existence, it started as just a street festival years ago before all the buildings in dc started to build up around us, based at holy rosary church the heart of little italy here we are in our 13th year it will be a great day, october 9th, next sunday celebrating columbus day weekend, 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. >> when you say street festival you have some entertainers already having fun here. we are going to feel like we are in italy. >> exactly we have wonderful entertainers besides our wonderful girls from the flying b circus, with have our wonderful tenor entertaining us, amanda beagle will be performing and let's see, we will have street artists, book
7:54 am
writers, here performing, we will have clowns, magician show for the kids, cooking demonstrations and of course pasta which i know you are going to talk about later. >> you know what i say, magnifico sounds great. it wasn't hard for us to figure out we were in the right place because all the wonderful people were coming in and setting up but one thing signaled we were in the right place and tony, we noticed a nice little car parked outside. >> yes, fiat an italian company returned to the u.s. the model sold here in the u.s., fiat 500 stylish looking little car very stylish incredible fuel economy available as a hatch back and convertible. >> it has been around for a long time but it is making a
7:55 am
big come back here in the states. >> absolutely becoming very popular again came on sale here in the u.s. back in march. >> wow fairly recent. >> you will have one out here. >> absolutely. >> do you drive one >> i personally own one. >> that is the right answer i want to try it one more time, tony gogochia. >> i am just saying yes to bet her off my back. i will try better with this name, john luigi delaccio. >> he is with the gelati you will be doing what sunday. >> for 50 years anniversary, all remains, this is a popsicle dipped in chocolate, we will have a selection of flavours. >> this is pistachio.
7:56 am
>> coconut. >> cherry. >> what -- gelato is one of my favorite things in the entire world it might be a part of my last meal i am not kidding. what makes it so good. >> it is no fat, no calorie, made all with the natural flavours, no artificial colors and it is healthier for you. >> just keep talking italian i am eating my gelato. >> i hope to see you all this sunday. >> that is good you can just do my job i love it i will do your job and eat gelato. >> yes, please you have to make sure the quality is good how is it? >> i think i have to try all of them to make sure the quality is good you heard him say it. festa italiana is going on october 9th, 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. you heard karen talk about pasta because you can't talk
7:57 am
about anything italian and not include pasta, that is coming up next hour but i just have to say i love when we have dessert first. >> it is perfect. >> malto bueno. >> 7:36 a.m. >> a major battle brewing over a bear. an idaho father said he was forced to shoot and kill the grizzly cub when it got too close to his family but the federal government is pressing charges. we will take a look at this case next hour stay with us i am a face unclogger.
7:58 am
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american amanda knox fought back tears, in an italian courtroom, more on what she said ahead this hour. can the president make you buy health insurance one of the biggest questions the supreme court will tackle as it begins its new session today. a look at both sides of this battle. >> red skins get a win on the road, with the still winless st. louis rams, dave ross joins
8:01 am
us. good morning thanks for being with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour we say good morning on this rather chilly day to tony perkens. >> temps in 40s. cool air in place we have reinforcing cool air coming in for today, it will be another chilly day today but then after that we will see improvement as the week progresses. >> great. >> yeah take a look at weather headlines for today, we also have a few rain showers not a lot but a few showers here and there particularly well out to the west and east, not so much right here n the district. -- in the district. we are going to continue to feel fall's chill for today and then we will have gradual improvement beginning tomorrow today's highs, 50s. tomorrow, 60s. 70 so temperature rises ahead for the middle part and end of the week that is good also some sunshine, finally, not today, not so much tomorrow but
8:02 am
certainly wednesday, thursday and friday, we will get some of that in here. hd radar, we will show you where the showers are, this morning again a few showers off to the west, kind of dissipating so that is good off to the east that is breaking up as well. as you head towards baltimore southern end of 695 you will find shower activity there. so not too much going on right now. current conditions being reported regan national airport, i flipped through it already. current temperatures, 42 degrees regan international airport. we will see mostly cloudy skies, some showers, scattered showers here and there today, highs mid-and upper 50s. so another cool one but a tad warmer than it was yesterday. >> just a tad. >> we will get there slowly and surely. >> let's check with julie wright. >> good morning. right now, we now know northbound side of the
8:03 am
baltimore washington parkway is closed after 32. so again on the northbound side of the roadway you will find a third accident this time around the northbound lanes are closed scene of this crash no one is able to get by as you are headed northbound, coming southbound your lanes are open. more troubles to report authorities checking for -- report, authorities checking for a crash, 295, heads upcoming across the wilson bridge. 450 you will find two left lanes are tied up with accidents and outer loop, 95, georgia avenue, for those on 66 you can see it from manassas, a 45 minute commute that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks julie. we begin with a developing story from overseas american amanda knox once again denied in an italian courtroom she had any involvement in the death of her roommate it was her final
8:04 am
plea in her appeal now her fate is in the hands of the jury. marrymare. >> reporter: she appeared uneasy as she entered a packed courthouse speaking in italian she had one last chance to persuade the court she did not kill her roommate back in 2007. >> i am paying with my own life, for something i have not done. >> reporter: knox said she would have been killed too had she been there the night kercher was murdered. >> i was really scared because one person i used to share my life with, was my roommate, was in the room next to mine and she was killed in our house. and if i had been there, that night, i would have been dead
8:05 am
as well as merideth. the only difference is that i was not there, and raphael was not there. >> reporter: the american woman claims she is not violent. >> i am not what they say. i am not violent. >> reporter: knox was convicted december 2009 of kerchers murder she received a sentence of 26 years behind bars spending the last four years in prison her then boyfriend, also convicted of the crime received 25 years behind bars a third person held responsible for kerchers death already appealed his case earning a reduced sentence, from 30 to 15 years in prison the jury has several outcomes acquitle, up hold the conviction, reduce sentence or increase it a verdict is expected later today in new york, fox news. week two in the trial of
8:06 am
michael jackson's doctor begins later this morning, dr. murray is accused of administering a lethal dose of a powerful anaesthetic to the pop star. last week, the er doctor testified dr. murray never told them he administered prof propofol -- propofol. nine justices will have to decide whether to insert themselves into the battle over the president's health care reform bill stacy good morning. >> reporter: that is one of several decisions they will have to agree to make they have said they will take 49 cases, they will take several dozen more before their docket is set. health care rerelation is a potential case they may decide the rule upon.
8:07 am
yesterday, several chief juses, partook in the traditional red mass that happened at st. mathew's cathedral, a tradition where the justices pray for wisdom as they begin their session in hopes of having a good year. they must consider whether or not they are going to hear arguments about that health care reform law. now you have both the states that are challenging the law as well as administration itself telling the supreme court you need to decide this issue now likelihood of supreme court review has increased and all these factors together make it a pretty difficult invitation for the supreme court to turn down. >> they have a lot of other things to consider too. one point, whether or not law enforcement has the right to follow a suspect using gps degree knowledge before they have observing -- technology before they have obtained a warrant. >> do children of illegal
8:08 am
immigrants, who bare no responsibility for their status, be deported. stacy cohen back to you. a little more insight into this, joining us with more on these big cases, a fellow in law and governor university washington college of law. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about these what do you see as the biggest case right now obviously health care is grabbing the headlines you look at things in adegrees to the headlines from the legal procedure part of this, is health care going to be the biggest thing they cover. >> as stacy was saying you have to divide this into cases the court has already said it will hear and cases coming down the road health care is in the down the road pile, cases the court is already going to hear, a couple big first amendment cases and gps case stacy mentioned i think will be very exciting to watch. >> talk about that with the gps as stacy mentioned, whether or not they could use, police and
8:09 am
law enforcement could use gps devices on vehicles without a search warrant. >> this happens in a case where there was a search warrant expired before they put the gps device on the car this is a big drug case, jones was sentenced to life in pray prison he is -- prison he is challenging his conviction because they followed his wife's car without a warrant because they put gps on it. >> law enforcement going to keep an eye on that. what else are you going to keep an eye on. >> a case that involves a tv network by the name of fox. >> heard about that. >> raises an important first amendment question, ftc wants to regulate indecency on the airways, foul language and nudity, federal appeals court in new york said ftc hasn't done it right, rules were too
8:10 am
vague broadcasters would not be able to figure out how to follow it. that will be heard in january, enormous ramifications. >> what about other cases that fall into the other category, things that may come along farther down the road what are we looking for. >> health care is important before we talk about that quickly, there is a really important affirmative action case coming down the road. affirmative action and higher education university of texas a lot of compelling reasons why the court will want to hear that case it is not a certainty but quite likely, the big arizona immigration case, arizona wants law enforcement in the state to check the papers of everybody who is arrested to see if they are illegal immigrants, the united states said that interfered with federal immigration enforcement so far the arizona law is blocked arizona is asking the supreme court to hear that one that will be a big one. >> health care of course,
8:11 am
enormous. >> the court has to figure out how it wants to approach this, the obvious issue is whether congress has the power to force everybody to in essence, have health insurance or pay a penalty but there are a couple bumps in the road along the way as to whether the court can get to that issue now. >> stacy mentioned if number of cases they have agreed to take on now. do we expect to see more and more added on. >> right they are two thirds of the way there, they have agreed to hear 49 and they could add another 30 or so between now and january. >> is that average for a session. >> yeah i don't think they will get to 30. >> all right we will see what happens, good to see you. >> glad to be here. >> alison back to you. 8:11 a.m. on monday morning major battle brewing over a bear in idaho father says he was forced to shoot and kill a grizzly cub when it got too close to his family the federal government is pressing charges, a closer look at this case when we come
8:12 am
back. there it is, burgundy and gold now 3 and 1 this season but they are learning, and winning even with their mistakes, something they have not done in the past dave ross joins us with monday morning quarterback when we come back q septic system breakdowns
8:13 am
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8:15 am
there is a major battle brewing over a grizzly cub a man shot and killed it saying it got too close to his kids. he said he fired to protect his family but that didn't stop the federal government from pressing charges. >> reporter: here in ski nick boundary down -- scenic boundary county idaho, just miles from the canadian boarder, people are used to
8:16 am
seeing wildlife. when his wife screamed, there were three grizzly bears, close to his home. he grabbed his hunting rifle and shot the closest one. he faces a possible $50,000 fine and year in jail. >> unbelievable outside the scope of reality for people to understand. >> reporter: after public out cry the u.s. attorney cut a deal dumping the criminal charge but forcing hill to pay a $1,000 fine plus some $20,000 in legal fees. >> he paid the fine because he took a bear in violation of the endangered species act even if a bear is being a nuisance there are procedures outlined to do that. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney concedes he fired the first two shots legally in defense of his family but where he crossed the line was taking the third and final shot, after he knew his kids were inside the house. he said it is not only a humane
8:17 am
thing to do but a wounded grizzly is a dangerous grizzly. >> we have gotten to the point in this country where people are restricted from ability to defend their homes, family and property from large, dangerous animals unpredictable and known to kill people. >> reporter: grizzly attacks are up this year experts blame a late spring snow forcing the animals off the mountain in search of food. not a bear population, while improving is fragile. >> there are not many bears out there we can't spare them we don't want people killing them if they didn't absolutely have to. many conservation mists wish they had taken this killing to court but most locals says the the endangered species act that needs an overhaul putting people before dangerous predators. the weather might have you craving something hot like chilly but you will have to get it somewhere other than bens. when workers got there this
8:18 am
morning they discovered major plumbing issues they hope to reopen friday or saturday in time for this weekend's taste of dc world chili eating championship they got to be open for that. they got their name all over it. >> i saw that about the contest i am good for maybe one, maybe two, i would not -- >> no, i love -- >> i want to enjoy it. >> can't just scarf on that. no. good morning everybody before we look at what is happening with weather it is time for my first 5 photo of the day, let us check -- oh,. >> ah. >> this is will. >> hey, will. >> will enjoying cake on his 1st birthday. >> happy birthday cutie pie. >> we talked about this before it is a right of passage getting the cake and icing all over your mouth. >> he is a sweet looking young man. >> looks like he is having a good time there. very cute thank you for sending that in.
8:19 am
happy birthday will. i suppose it is a belated happy birthday hope you had a good one. if you want to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings. >> they were smart they didn't put on a shirt there. >> wipe him down. >> here you go. current temperature, current information coming to us look at that humidity, 71% we will take that. temperature 49 degrees winds out of the north, 6 miles an hour and northerly winds helping keep us cool today another day where we will see highs 50s. here is a look at satellite radar composite plenty of clouds out there, lots of cloud cover today in fact mostly cloudy skies, certainly, periods of rain here and there, we have had some rainfall this morning out to the west and east, this particular radar over plays it a little bit but, area of low pressure to our north keeps us in the soup today keeps us cool that low gradually pushes out we see improving conditions as the
8:20 am
week progresses high today 57 degrees scattered showers here and there during the day and evening, tomorrow breezy, 66 for your high, wednesday, sunny and 72, yes. that is going to feel good thursday not a bad day and frankly neither is friday. that is a look at what is happen being weather now an update on traffic for that, we go to julie wright. hey, you had a twitter follower ask me if we would see sunny and 85 again what i have to do is look at the long term forecast i think it is not likely but remember, always late october we get a few days where we get some of that warmth back it is possible but i will look into it further. >> those are the days i will take extra vacation >> no, you will want to be here for those days. >> well, i didn't say i would be working. >> i hear you. >> all right. let me tell you it has been busy first day back off vacation accidents galore. outer loop of the belt way
8:21 am
crash occurred outer loop approaching 450. big delays, 214 checking for the crash reported outer loop, 295, heads up there, van dooren headed toward park street. earlier incident cleared, southbound 270, better shape, again 30 minute commute south of gaithersburg headed out toward the split the outer loop remains slow, 95 to georgia, duke street to seminary road. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much day 21, dave ross back with us to play a little monday morning quarterback we are focussing on the positive this hour. we will take a win run with it and go with good things that happened yesterday. >> i did the three best things they are not in any particular order but the best thing is to win but the reemergence of ryan terrain getting back in the mix here the thing about him is that he is a power back he has
8:22 am
speed but also has some power we saw flashes of that yesterday. steve watch this, 39-yard run he basically blows by a safety with a great move, if we can get another look at that too. terrain is a little bit of a different back from high tower more of ad toker, not negative but then -- more of a fodder, not a negative but then to have the speed and combination pretty impressive. 135-yards, 19 carries you and i talked about it all morning long this is the guy they need because jim high tower is what he is, a solid back, he is more of a home run hitter maybe terrain can be a change of pace back but get 10 carries if he can equally distribute those. >> is there enough time? >> i think with the running game you can you don't have to have one guy you necessarily feed, 20, 25 times back in the old days i got to get in the
8:23 am
rhythm of the game, you can do that with ten carries, that will extend those legs as you get the week 14, 15, 16. good reps yesterday. >> this comes with a asterisk. >> there was one special throw, santana moss. first touchdown of the day for the skins what makes this throw better, this is the guy who had two big throws in a row we talked about 3rd down inefficiency against dallas they were efficient in the the first half and then the special, here to moss the pressure comes right into his face he gets it, gets hit and a perfect timing throw there, and moss with exceptional job of getting it you can see it there better those are two very good things the best thing of all was defense yesterday s brian
8:24 am
arapahoe is terrific, two and a half sacks. if you follow twitter on twitter everybody says, he got held. >> he says he gets held on every play. >> again almost a complement you got the hold the great one the bad ones you just block the great ones you got to hold. they hold him all the time. they are going the have to hold carrigan too. 7 sacks for defense. think about it they have only given up 20 points, once to arizona everything else has been in the teens. >> you play like that, what a turn around from last year. >> interesting too we talk about, especially the guys, the linebacker make a push, talking about kerrigan and arapahoe, next stop michael vick. >> two weeks to game plan you have to figure out are you going spy on michael vick. but you know it will be an
8:25 am
interesting challenge. but so far they have been up to every challenge. >> we will see what happens, you said it off the top, win 3 and 1. >> get rest get ready for philly. >> thanks so much. >> back to you. 8:24 a.m. on monday morning wild mushrooms that have flourished in lawns around the dc area are not just dangerous to humans up next a story you need to hear about a local pet that will have you protecting your own furry friend. >> next half hour holly is sharing a slice of italy we will check with her, festa italiana. stay with us [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner.
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8:28 am
checking headlines. search continues for the body of a woman believed killed when a small plane crashed into the chesapeake bay. the pilot reported trouble then disappeared from the radar. around 8:00 p.m. last night he turned up on smith island apparently able to swim to safety but told rescuers his elderly mother also on the plane died while in
8:29 am
the water. passengers on two flights that landed in boston suffered injuries from severe turbulence yesterday. seven people were hurt on a jet blue flight from puerto rico. most injuries were neck and back pain although one person suffered severe burns from coffee, the other flight was a lufthansa aircraft from charlotte to germany that had to land in boston because 1 people were injured no word -- 11 people were injured no word on the extent of their injuries. >> chilly weather prompted many of you to crank up the heat over the weekened. firefighters found high levels of carbon monoxide in a home they were responding to a call for a sick person a person in the house said they turned on the furnace saturday night and felt sick sunday morning. georgetown university hospital issue add warning a of four people were treated for wild mushroom poisoning last month. not just humans are at risk here. >> reporter: two carriers, two
8:30 am
crates, but in the laing household there is now just one puppy running around. no, zoe. >> reporter: after a heart breaking loss, wendy lang is not taking any chances her little sister, 7 month old chloe died two weeks ago she ate wild mushrooms in the backyard early the next day she began vomiting, wendy rushed her to the vet. >> they did block work and the woman came rushing in -- blood work and the women came in and rushed her in. her liver was failing. they said it was too late, she just passed i was able to hold her and i let zoe give her kisses. >> this comes after several cases of people falling ill. wild mushrooms have been sprouting up in wake of heavy rain we saw several outside when de's german town home. >> here in the front yard we
8:31 am
saw these. the ones inspect backyard were smaller and possibly whiter in color. doctor's identified a number of risky species it is best to play it safe, both for humans and our pets. >> unless you are a specialist in mushrooms, it is very very difficult to separate the poisonous ones, from the ones that are safe to eat i would say if you see your dog eat a mushroom of any kind outside, to bring them in and seek veterinary care immediately. >> sadly it is too late for chloe. >> this was a huge or deal for me to go through emotionally and financially >> i have been trying to get the word out to everybody to not go through the pain i have gone through make sure your yard is clear of mushrooms, keep your puppies on a leash. lauren demarco, fox 5 news. >> again wild mushrooms can be deadly for people too.
8:32 am
cats are also at risk although vets said cats appear more careful than dogs. >> all right. let's head over to gwen and now another look at what is a chilly day. >> absolutely chilly and grey we have not a lot of sunshine, showers continuing in different areas of our neighbourhood you will see those off and on throughout the day not a total wash out but will continue to see the showers that has been the course over the weekend and continuing through today. feeling fall's chill today will be the day we start the get slowly into transitional period, start to see temperatures gradually rise that will happen into the course of the next couple days and also sunshine to look forward to as we move through later in the week you will see that in my five day forecast. meantime 49 degrees national airport humidity 71%, light, cool, northerly wind, 6 miles per hour. elsewhere, 45 degrees at baltimore, 49 annapolis,
8:33 am
hagerstown 43 degrees, 44 martins burg to the west, 48 degrees fredericks, burg, clouds along the area, just not going any where, sticking around everywhere, we have this pesky low pressure system that doesn't want to pull away it will grab me as we move through tomorrow in the meantime, a few showers, light in nature heavier out towards the west, potomac high lands, shenandoah valley, mix there as well as a result of moisture and cooler conditions they are dealing with there. for us today mostly cloudy, rain expected 57 degrees, westerly wind 5 miles per hour and chilly cooler air sticking around one more day as the low pressure system gradually will start to pull out into the 50s. everywhere, the good news behind it we will end up seeing sunshine look at the 5 day forecast temperatures gradually rising as we head through toward the middle to end of the week we will be at least closer to where we should be temperature wise we should be
8:34 am
low 70s and a few clouds for your tuesday, very slight chance of an early morning shower only a 20% chance of seeing that and then into drier and warmer conditions, no shortage of sunshine as we hit the wednesday, thursday period a few clouds friday improvement on the way, sunshine and warmer conditions, if they are what you are looking for. >> thank you. a big prize going to be handed out today honouring experimental aircraft, nasa is looking for the best idea for fuel, efficient, electric power inventions, the green flight challenge. this morning, joe parish is joining us from nasa's aims research center in mountain view california. good morning joe tell us about this challenge. >> good morning alison thank you very much you are looking at the future, is today. where behind me are several of the aircraft that competed this week in the green flight
8:35 am
challenge competition that we held in santa rosa california, and the emphasis on the competition was for hyper efficient aircraft. these aircraft get better than 200 miles per gallon, per passenger, compared to a conventional light aircraft that gets 10 to 20 miles per gallon even transport aircraft only get 70 miles per gallon. as a pilot did you have a favorite in the competition? have you been able to fly any of these aircraft? >> oh, they are actually all my favorites they are beautiful in their own way and the grace that these aircraft have in order to be so efficient, is like art and science coming together and i am looking forward to flying them some time in the near future. >> what is the biggest challenge joe when it comes to planes using green fuel and
8:36 am
what is the advantage for us? >> well, the advantage to green aviation is to potentially eliminate need for fossil fuels and eliminate emissions associated with them and ability to fly with just electricity, means that we could eventually have an aircraft that had no emissions whatsoever. and that is a wonderful opportunity for the future. >> now, the challenge, competition is always great there is prize money on the table here i got to imagine nasa has plans for green fuel in the future , what is the hope for nasa from this challenge? yes, what we are trying to do is invent the future here and develop new technologies that cannot only help nasa achieve its missions objectives but create jobs and hopefully spawn a new industry for
8:37 am
electric and high efficiency aircraft. >> if you could just talk about the prize a little bit, nasa and the taxpayer what are we getting out of the challenge and also what is the winner getting? there is a cash prize associated with this too. >> yes, there is about a million and a half dollars, the largest prize in aviation what we have done, with this prize, is we have turned the development -- the cost equation for development of technology on its head here we only pay when we get results, and winners of course are going to be enjoying that prize but nasa will be enjoying the results of technology development and incredible leverage we have gotten in the sense competitors have spent much more than we are giving out in the prize, and we only give the prize if they achieve the objective that we set for them, 200 miles for gallon at 100 miles per hour it is a
8:38 am
great opportunity for nasa to take advantage of this technology. joe pir rush, nasa chief -- parish, nasa chief and also a pilot. if you are looking for work stay tuned more on a job fair taking place today. andy rooney signed off 60 minutes, more on last night's goodbye [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread.
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[ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. job fair being held for albi grocery store chain hiring for maryland and the district, looker for cashiers, shift managers, store managers, the pay range between 11.50 and $23 an hour. you have 20 minutes left to get down there the second session this afternoon make that one
8:42 am
between 4 and 7:00 p.m., if you are interested head to the marriott courtyard at the capitol that is the marriott courtyard on 2nd street, northeast, for more about this at while there online check out our job shop today's job of the day is with anne arundel county school looking for a male services foreman, the pay for this is -- we will update it the pay for this job on our website between 41 and $75,000 a year. here you go for more on this job and others, go to click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. he made a career of always speaking his mind last night andy rooney ended his 30 year run on 60 minutes. >> may have given the impression i don't care what anyone else thinks but i do care i care a lot i have always hoped people will like what i have written.
8:43 am
it is nice it was his 1,097th commentary he pointed out he never considered himself a tv personality he was a writer. is a writer. he is 92 years old he said he wishes he could do his job forever. 8:43 a.m. on monday morning not too early to start looking forward to the weekend even though it is monday morning. >> holly has an event that is fun and tasty good morning. >> reporter: it is fun and tasty alison and in fact if you are coming out to festa italiana this sunday, stop eating now and work up a wonderful appetite they have lots on the menu and of course it includes, delicious pasta, we are going to get our own pasta cooking lesson coming up it is all about food and fun and what you can do this weekend we are going to tell you about it live next fox 5 morning news stay with us that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours.
8:44 am
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>> all right if you want to start planning for the next weekend you should probably add this to your social calendar, experience italian, music, art at festa italiana. there is only one thing
8:47 am
that italians love more than eating a good meal themselves, and that is serving you and you eating their wonderful food and that is exactly what is going to go on this weekend here we are fortunate because elizabeth is here cooking just for us. >> definitely. >> she is giving us inside tips on cooking things italian what are you whipping up here? >> pasta penne. >> it sounds better even when you just say it why do you like penne pasta over fete qi knee. we love -- fettucine. we love everything for today it probably would be easier. >> it is easier to eat i will say that. >> yeah, than spaghetti you have to roll it. >> exactly. >> novices can eat penne and
8:48 am
still look good. tell me about the sauce she has been working on this all morning. >> yes, this is the basic sauce the basic very easy to make for everybody no meat at all and all made with fresh tomato. >> not out of a jar. >> no but actually it is very easy to make. >> i will serve, because she said don't talk to me when i am using my hands i will let you talk andly use my hands to serve pasta. wonderful you put this in water a little bit and then the skin will peel out, and then you blend it when you blend it you add a little bit of garlic, a little bit of salt, pepper, olive oil and then you start cooking it so it is very simple these are the basics. >> now do you cook it on low? >> um, low, or medium.
8:49 am
>> maybe medium >> do you need to watch it and stir it? >> from time to time yes. so you will know some times if it is cooked, once the olive oil it will come up a little bit then you get a film. now you were saying to me earlier here is a secret to put in your sauce in case it upsets your tummy. >> some times people use jars and they have these preservatives and of course, -- >> that will tech them to use the jar. >> some times people -- teach them to use the jar. >> some times people get upset with activity of the tomatos, a trick i learned from my italian grandma, use a pinch of baking soda, with a little bit of sugar. so you just put a little bit. >> really. >> on top of when the sauce is being cooked. so it will take away the
8:50 am
acidity. how about that. so now we will serve this up here. >> yep put it there. >> okay. >> i will let you do that as you go ahead and serve it up obviously pasta is not the only thing on the menu. >> no wonderful food, as you know, food is part of -- you know,. >> you tell me the menu. >> yes. >> food is part of the culturally -- italian culture, very important but the most important thing is people you are sharing with that is why we are always waiting for you to come, because you are going to have our special people in this festa italiana we will have pasta, pizza, we will have sausage, and the wonderful, you already tried gelato. >> it is wonderful. and you are right the most wonderful are the people that
8:51 am
are here here is what you need to know, this sunday 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., f and 3rd street here, in its 13th year is our website, we have a link to theirs coming up in our next hour, put some fresh cheese on there, we will talk more about the culture, especially the italian american culture here in dc how strong it is what they will celebrate sunday and more on the entertainment and this is so nice of you to make this serving just for me. >> sorry nothing for anybody else. >> all yours. >> the bowl is just my size. back to you. lunch right there. >> delicious. >> looks so good. 8:51 a.m. hope you get a chance to check that out this weekend. a major league ball field turned into a movie theatre. >> what classic 80s flick was shown. >> it has a tie to the film.
8:52 am
back in a moment
8:53 am
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a hit 80s flick makes a grand return to the windy city. >> one of my favorite movies,. we are talking about ferris buelers day off a scene out of the 1986 movie shows ferris and his friends taking in a game at the stadium, more than 900 people sang a song from the film, setting a new guiness world record for most people singing simultaneously in a round. 8:55 a.m. right now, it may only be october 3rd it is not too early to start thinking about halloween. not just you or the kids but pets. >> trend of dressing up your cats and dogs, growing, costumes are out what you should consider about safety and actually getting the thing on and keeping it on perhaps next hour. 8:55 a.m. we will be right back starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
8:56 am
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coming up, here are stories we are following this hour an italian court is considering whether to over turn an american woman's conviction. amanda knox and her boyfriend were convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering her roommate within a few hours the court will reach a decision. plus,. >> you intend to circumvent progress made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military? >> boo. >> republican nominee hopefuls respond to several controversies, popping up what herman cain had to say about the booing of a gay soldier and a racial slur involving
9:00 am
governor rick


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